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Formerly Incarcerated   Community Advisors


Joel Keyser

Advisory Council Chair

Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI)

Joel is a seasoned business leader, with over 40 years of experience as a CPA, CFO, CEO and HR Manager, helping many companies achieve a high level of success. He is presently on the Board of The Hinda Institute, a non-profit organization providing access to education, counseling, housing and food, along with spiritual guidance to current and formerly incarcerated individuals,

Barry headshot

Barry Diamond

Founder, Re-entry Survivors

Barry is the Founder of Re-entry Survivors, an organization providing employment opportunities and other support services to formerly incarcerated people. He is also the Founder of P.R.I.D.E, the first entrepreneurship program for returning citizens, and an approved Alternative Sentencing Program. Barry has received numerous accolades from political leaders, corrections officials and community organizations alike. 


Shawanna Vaughn

Founder, Silent Cry

Shawanna is the Founder and Director of Silent Cry, Inc., a non-profit organization that takes a holistic approach to aftercare from the collateral consequences of mass incarceration and gun violence. The organization's objectives are to interrupt the cycle of violence and help raise awareness for Post Traumatic Prison Disorder, underscoring the trauma created by incarceration. 


Evie Litwok

Founder, Witness to Mass Incarceration

Evie is the Founder and Executive Director of Witness to Mass Incarceration, a non-profit organization born from her own struggles inside the federal prison system and her decision to use those experiences to advocate for other women and the LGBTQ+ community. Following her incarceration, Evie became a member of the National Criminal Justice LGBT/HIV Working Group and quickly become a respected speaker on criminal justice. Her story has touched audiences all over the country. Evie has also spoken at the White House for the White House Panel on LGBTQ Criminalization, and has appeared on many tv and radio broadcasts.

lewis conway.png

Lewis Conway, Jr. 

In Memorium

Lewis was a major force in large-scale advocacy, legislative, electoral, and organizing campaigns, which promoted the abolishment of mass incarceration. He was a passionate storyteller who shared his gifts through teaching and speaking. Lewis was a profound advocate for improving economic mobility and access to financial services for justice-involved individuals. The story of Lewis' life is an inspiration to all. 

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