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Fresh Start Financial Education
Online Learning and Credit Counseling 

About the Program

First Step Alliance has partnered with a best-in-class provider of financial education resources to offer a Fresh Start Financial Education Program to justice-involved individuals. This program is made available through reentry organizations, Departments of Corrections, state agencies and other community-based organizations. Program participants have access to free online education on many important financial topics, such as budgeting, credit repair and identity theft, as well as the ability to work one-on-one with certified credit counselors and financial coaches. The online learning portal is available 24/7 through a computer, tablet or smartphone. 


We hope to educate and empower people by giving them the tools they need to achieve financial independence. 



Knowledge is Power


We'll help you learn how to manage your finances – with educational videos, step-by-step how-to guides, interactive tools, podcasts, webinars, infographics, and even fun games for the kids. There is also free and unlimited financial coaching. You can speak with a certified credit counselor and receive personalized advice about...


Spending & Saving | how to improve your household budget and saving strategies

Credit Repair | how to read your credit report, correct mistakes, and raise your credit score

Debt Management | cut your monthly payments and freeze late fees to get out of debt quicker

Housing Counseling | bring your mortgage up-to-date and learn about first-time home buying



To learn more about the program, please contact us.